Rotor blade inspection on wind turbines

Inspections on the rotor blade are among the most complex inspection activities on a wind turbine. Since there are many different turbine manufacturers and types and the wind farms in Germany are rather small compared to other European countries, different solution concepts for the lightning protection system are also used. This in turn means different amounts of time are spent on lightning protection inspection.

The rotor blade inspection contains the following services:

  • Inspection of rotor blades (outside) by means of rope access
  • Inspection of rotor blades (inside)
  • Inspection of the inaccessible area by means of camera access
  • Inspection of rotor blade angles
  • Rotor blade lightning protection measurement
  • Rotor imbalance inspection

NEW: Contactless rotor blade inspection & LPS measurement with drone

Not only more accurate, but also more efficient

The next generation of turbines is planned with hub heights far in excess of 150 m and rotor diameters of up to 160 m. For safety reasons, turbines of this size can only be realized with rope access technology at great effort. The rope access technology is therefore replaced by a special drone, so the height of the wind turbine or the length of the rotor blades no longer play a role.

Get more information on the new drone inspection (incl. rotor blade inspection & LPS measurement)!

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