Operations management - transparent reporting, ongoing yield optimization and condition-based maintenance.

Our operations management services include:

  • Plant monitoring (24/7): Every minute, our control room monitors and evaluates the online energy data and the operating status of the plant. And it does this 24 hours a day, seven days a week - as if we were on site around the clock. In this way, faults are responded to immediately and plants can be restarted quickly via remote reset to keep availability as high and feed-in losses as low as possible.
  • Plant management: Our plant management team acts as an interface with you and is the point of contact for all matters: initiating and monitoring technical services, optimizing and managing contracts, ensuring compliance with all regulations, preparing technical business reports, etc. - so that the plant generates optimum yields.
  • Occupational health and safety, HSE: Risk assessments for RE plants have always been important, but awareness is only now growing, especially among operators. To keep you on the safe side, we create reliable risk assessments (hazard identification, risk identification and assessment, protective measures and reassessment) for you.
  • Commercial management: The range of services we offer extends from monthly billing, including so-called "EinsMan" measures, to support in direct marketing and insurance management as well as asset management. Synergies can be achieved here thanks to our many years of expertise and close interlinking of all areas.


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