What's next for the "old darlings"?

As operators of wind farms of all ages, we know: Every penny counts when it comes to continued operation!


The successful continued operation of your wind turbine after the end of the EEG compensation is faced with the challenge of declining marketing revenues and simultaneously higher operating expenses. As an operator of over 500 wind turbines in our own portfolio, we have extensive experience with the organization of continued operation.

With us you will find the optimal and cost-optimized solution for your project:

  • Continued operation inspection: In cooperation with UL International, we offer assessments and inspections on the continued operation of wind turbines for every turbine type. Our experience shows that in almost all cases, continued operation is possible! The continued operation report for submission to the authorities summarizes the results of the practical testing by our inspection body and the analytical evaluation.
  • Operations management (technical and commercial): Continuing operation plants usually no longer have a full maintenance contract and the coordination of maintenance and budget monitoring require more attention. As an operations manager with a modular range of services, we advise you: Which service is also useful and necessary in continued operation? In cooperation with GP JOULE Service, you benefit from our optimized cost structures.
  • Maintenance and service: ENERTRAG Service as a preferred option knows its way around many old plants. Of course, we also work together with your proven service partner as the plant operator.
  • Remote monitoring: There is hardly a type of turbine that the employees of our 24/7 remote monitoring center do not know. We keep an eye on the operating status of your wind turbine, rectify faults and ensure safe operation - even after the 20th year of operation.
  • Commercialization: We work with the leading direct marketers and support you in marketing your electricity. We are involved in ane.energy, the renewable energy value network, which handles all relevant marketing tasks for you - from contracts to switching processes, market access and portfolio management to controlling and billing.
  • Repowering: Do you see an opportunity for repowering? ENERTRAG offers you the examination and evaluation of your site up to the finished project development. We would also be happy to discuss the purchase or joint development of your site with you. By the way: Repowering is also an interesting way to increase the yield of PV plants, even if the old plant is still functional.
  • Dismantling: There comes a time for every wind turbine from which it can no longer be operated economically or safely. Here, too, we are at your side with our expertise and take care of the dismantling of the wind turbine, which is certified in terms of safety and environmental compatibility.


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