What's next for the "old darlings"?

Continued operation of wind turbines: Reliable expertise for the future

As a wholly owned subsidiary of ENERTRAG SE with over 500 wind turbines in its portfolio, ENERTRAG Betrieb GmbH is an accredited inspection body at the heart of the continued operation of wind turbines. Our comprehensive range of services covers the practical and analytical part of the continued operation test to provide wind turbine operators with a solid decision-making basis for the next steps.

Practical part of the continued operation test: Accredited inspection for the highest quality

Our accredited inspection body guarantees the highest quality in the practical part of the continued operation test. This includes a comprehensive inspection of the wind turbine, including the tower and foundation, nacelle, hub and rotor blades. We focus in particular on type- and series-specific risks and carry out a thorough document review to cover all aspects of the turbine.

Analytical part of the continued operation audit: in-depth analyses and detailed assessments

In the analytical part, we rely on detailed analyses and assessments. The document review includes planning permission and type testing, while the calculation of the effective turbulence intensity at the site is carried out using a turbulence report. The analytical process is rounded off by determining and validating the performance curves and calculating the loads using a generic turbine model.

Focus on operators

Our services are aimed at wind turbine operators, especially those whose turbines are approaching their twentieth anniversary. In this crucial phase, the probability of material fatigue and relevant damage increases. Our expertise helps operators to make the right decisions for continued operation.

Partnership for comprehensive analyses and concepts

Through our partnership with UL Solutions, we can not only check the service life for each type of wind turbine, but also offer detailed analyses of individual components, repowering and continued operation concepts. Over the past five years, we have gained extensive experience and always think ahead.

Reliable information for economic decisions

We are aware of the economic importance of this topic. The continued operation of wind turbines requires large investments for the coming years. Operators need a reliable partner with the necessary know-how. Our report on continued operation is sound and can be convincingly presented to the authorities. The result is a transparent decision-making basis for operators

Once both inspection processes have been completed, operators receive a clearly understandable and detailed report. This serves as a transparent decision-making basis for the continued operation of their wind turbines beyond the 20th year of life. If continued operation is not possible, the parent company ENERTRAG SE is on hand to provide expert advice on repowering. The continued operation review is therefore the essential basis for all further decisions - be it continued operation, repowering or even dismantling.

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