A wind turbine is considered an electrical installation and is therefore subject to numerous regulations with which the operator is often unfamiliar.

The basis is §49 of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG), according to which energy systems must be set up and operated in such a way that technical safety is guaranteed. This gives the DIN VDE standards, in particular VDE 0105-100, legal character with regard to the operation of an electrical system. Here and in Regulation 3 of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), it is stipulated that the operator must regularly check the system for proper condition by a qualified electrician. The primary objective is to prevent accidents and to ensure personal safety.

Due to the complex legal situation, however, experience shows that many operators fulfill their obligations only incompletely, which can have serious consequences in the event of damage. These range from consequences under labor law to fines and criminal prosecution.

During the legally compliant implementation by ENERTRAG Betrieb, several hundred criteria to be checked are processed. All electrical components that could be a source of danger to persons and the safe and proper condition of the plant are examined by inspection and / or measurement.

Your advantages

  • Increased occupational safety, minimization of liability risk
  • Compliance with legal and insurance requirements
  • Flexible, customer-specific pricing
  • Standardized test report with exact measurement data and recommendations for any necessary maintenance measures as well as new test date

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