Continued operation of wind turbines, yes or no? That is the question here!

Are you one of the operators whose wind turbines will soon reach twenty years of operation? What is to happen after the end of the operating period? Is continued operation possible? These are questions that you have certainly already asked yourself. Rightly so, because regardless of whether repowering or continued operation, it should continue to be profitable for you after the 20 years.

What can you do?

  • Check for lifetime extension: A thorough examination of the continued operation of your plants is THE prerequisite for a reliable decision. This is the only way to know whether your plants are technically capable of providing efficient performance for several more years.
  • Windpark-Check: Join us for a quick check on the profitability of the continued operation of your turbines. You will benefit from our broad data base as an operator of wind farms throughout Germany.

5 good reasons for a check for lifetime extension with ENERTRAG Operation

  • Independant inspection body: You can trust our inspectors to check your wind turbines conscientiously, thoroughly and according to reliable standards.
  • Many years of experience: After more than 20 years as an operator and as an inspection department, we know (almost) all plant types. We can assess what weaknesses your respective types have and what problems you may encounter.  
  • Individual pricing: You benefit from flexible and plant-specific prices, without blanket arbitrariness, but entirely according to your needs.
  • Several locations throughout Germany and France: Your plants are spread all over Germany, France or even Europe? No problem. Our teams go where you need us. At the same time, they plan their tours optimally, keeping ancillary costs for you at an efficient level.
  • Success oriented tandem: We bundle our know-how. For the analytical part, our strong partner UL International is ready with its knowledge. With more than 8,000 in-service tests performed worldwide to date, UL International is a professional and leader in the field of meteorological modeling, load modeling and certification of wind turbines.

How do we proceed?

The check for lifetime extension after 20 years consists of a practical and an analytical part. We have the expertise in-house for both the practical and the calculation of the analytical part, but can also call on a strong partner if required. You benefit fully from these synergy effects.

Practical part of the check for lifetime extension

  • The practical part of the check for lifetime extension is accredited
  • Inspection of the wind turbine (tower and foundation, nacelle, hub and rotor blades, etc.)
  • Specific consideration of type- and series-specific risks
  • Document review and documentation in the wind turbine


Analytic part of the check for lifetime extension

  • Document review (building permit, type test, etc.)
  • Calculation of the effective turbulence intensity at the site (per wind turbine including a turbulence report)
  • Determination of power curves and validation
  • Load calculation by means of a generic turbine model (reference list of load models for more than 70 different wind turbine types available on request)

At the end of the two inspection processes, the continued operation of your plant is confirmed.

Don't let time run out, act now! So that it continues to pay off for you. Call us without obligation on our hotline or send an e-mail to our team of experts.

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We are always at your side

Should it actually turn out that further operation is no longer possible, we recommend our repowering colleagues to you. Repowering is an important component for the further expansion of wind energy in Germany. Repowering involves replacing older and smaller turbines with modern wind turbines with greater capacity. The result is an additional and renewed added value of the site as well as an improved energy yield.


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