Your competent partner for operations management and inspections of energy plants

Efficient operations management and inspections with quality

Welcome to ENERTRAG Operation - your reliable partner for the smooth operation of renewable energy plants.

At home in the wind industry for over {numberofyearsexperiencePowersystem} years, we offer you commercial and technical expertise in the operational management of renewable generation plants, substations and transfer stations. Our product portfolio also includes services for the balancing energy market, innovative hybrid power plants, photovoltaic systems and stationary battery storage systems.

This long-standing expertise, highly qualified teams and accredited procedures form the basis for this. With passion and expertise, we ensure the profitable and efficient operation of over 1,200 wind turbines at six locations across Europe, and the diversity of our turbine fleet means that we have the necessary know-how to test and optimize the performance of different types of turbines. Our customers appreciate the opportunity to put together an individual service package from our broad portfolio. This is also positively reflected in our flexible pricing.

Put your trust in ENERTRAG Operation and secure a partner who will look after your renewable energy systems with the utmost professionalism and commitment. Together, we are shaping a sustainable and efficient future for renewable energies.

We offer:

  • Continuous yield optimization: Maximize your yield through our ongoing optimization measures.
  • 24/7 system monitoring: Our control room in Germany is available around the clock to monitor your systems and respond to potential alarms and faults at an early stage.
  • Transparent reporting for your mixed plant portfolio: Receive clear and understandable reports on the performance of your different plants to make informed decisions.
  • Rapid intervention in the event of error messages: We respond immediately to error messages to minimize downtime and ensure the efficiency of your systems.
  • Detailed inspection reports with recommendations for action: Our comprehensive inspection reports not only provide insights into the condition of your systems, but also specific recommendations for action.
  • Seamless monitoring and documentation: Complete monitoring and seamless documentation ensure the transparency and traceability of every activity.
  • Minimization of downtimes: We use targeted measures to minimize downtimes so that your systems produce energy continuously.
  • An accredited inspection body: Rely on our accredited inspection body for reliable and qualified inspections.
  • Further operating tests: Our experts carry out continuing operation tests after the end of the design life to ensure long-term efficiency and performance.

Choose ENERTRAG Operation - your reliable partner for the successful operation of your renewable energy systems.