Corporate policy

ENERTRAG Operation is a manufacturer-independent service provider in the areas of operations management, monitoring and inspections of energy plants. We are neither designer, manufacturer, supplier, constructor, purchaser, owner or user of the plants we look after. We look after energy plants that are exclusively owned by the customer.

Our company policy is determined by the general management. The general management is committed to consistently applying and continuously improving our quality management system. Our corporate policy is reviewed annually for its appropriateness and adequacy and adjusted if necessary. Our corporate policy establishes a framework for our corporate goals.The success of our customers is at the center of our corporate policy. Each specialist and manager, as well as each employee in his or her area of responsibility, is responsible for implementing this policy. Our customers are our partners. They decide on the success and sustainable development of our company. The economic success and positive positioning of our company in the market is only possible if our customers are satisfied with our services. We recognize the requirements and expectations of our customers at an early stage and offer reliable solutions within the framework of legal regulations and the recognized rules of technology. Our ideas and knowledge are the foundation for new services and secure our future. We see every change in the market as an opportunity for sustainable further development of our services in Germany and abroad. In addition, we see this as an opportunity to develop and provide new, innovative services and solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our economic success is the basis for the further development of the company. Therefore, quality is a fundamental aspect for a long-term customer relationship.

We maintain a cooperative relationship with our service providers and suppliers, as they are an indispensable part of our service delivery.

Our processes are transparent and clearly defined. They are subject to an ongoing improvement and further development process with the aim of continuously improving customer satisfaction. Our understanding of quality and quality awareness are indispensable for the lasting success of the company.

The appreciation, competence, safety and motivation of our employees is a fundamental prerequisite for high-quality and safe service provision and thus the basis for our success. Therefore, it is a matter of concern for us to support all employees in acquiring the necessary competences and knowledge by means of training courses and further education.

Our corporate policy aims to prevent physical injuries and psychological harm to our employees during their work and works to prevent occupational illnesses. The protection of life and health in the workplace takes the highest priority.

We organize our day-to-day work in a way that conserves resources. We deliver efficient services, live prevention and avoid harmful influences of our actions on the environment or at least limit them to the lowest achievable level.  We consider the impact of our actions on our company and the environment. As part of the renewable energy industry, this aspect of our corporate policy is a core component of our convictions.

We make our services available to all interested groups on an equal footing. The greatest possible objectivity is an important foundation of our actions. For this reason, the management has issued a binding statement of principles on independence, impartiality and integrity.

This self-image thus makes an important contribution to the sustainable success of the company. Any employee who deliberately or even intentionally disregards these principles and thus impairs the health and performance of themselves, colleagues or others, is a burden on the company's reputation and will be held accountable for this.